Give Your Business the
Power To Prosper

Business Just Got Easier with Kanoo

Businesses can now benefit from faster transactions, enhanced marketing capabilities, and strengthened relationships with consumers through customized campaigns that ensure you are getting the most “bang for your buck.”

All-in-One Point of Sale System

Kanoo’s point-of-sale system is the most innovative and efficient tool that your business will ever use. Accept digital payments for less than what commercial banks charge. With Kanoo, your business can now handle transactions at the “Speed of Life.”

Manage all your marketing needs from a single portal

The Audience Relationship Manager (ARM) is a powerful marketing tool that is efficient, affordable, and easy to use. It’s the equivalent of having one employee effectively doing the job of ten.

Kanoo recognizes the importance of having your “ARM” by your side. This web interface tool allows your businesses to create marketing campaigns and manage audience analytics from a single online portal. Incentivize, monetize, and connect with existing and future customers.

The ARM empowers merchants to enhance brand awareness, drive sales, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Build Campaigns and Increase Sales

Awareness Campaigns

Strengthen brand awareness by encouraging consumers to trade cards with you and share your business with others in exchange for incentives.

Sales Campaigns

Encourage consumers to shop with you by providing them with incentives. Companies receive revenue before giving something of value away.

Loyalty Campaigns

Enhance customer loyalty by rewarding them for frequent digital purchases. Strong customer retention results in long-term revenue.

Analyze and Optimize Data

Engagement and Revenue

Strategically position your brand in front of your target audience. Use analytics, digital incentives, promotions, and campaigns to boost customer engagement, retention, and revenue.

Know Your Customers

Customer satisfaction is key to a company’s success, yet many businesses fail to do so. It’s all about anticipating consumer needs before they ask. Running a business is time-consuming, we get it! Use Kanoo to bridge the gap between you and your customers. Our goal is to enhance that relationship because we want your business to prosper.

Drive Sales While You Sleep