Seeing the Bigger Picture

Meet the Merchant
Owner: Gennyne Ellis Hepburn
Company: Big Picture Sip & Paint Studio
Motto: “Paint, Sip, Go and Have Fun ”

Life can get hectic at times, even overwhelming. As adults, I’m sure most of us have felt like this at some point. But we must find time to take a break. Gennyne Ellis Hepburn has always enjoyed art and design. She began sharing that love with others when opening Big Picture Paint & Sip Studio in Sandyport four years ago.

She knows firsthand the power of giving someone a blank canvas.

What’s a blank canvas?

A blank canvas gives you the chance to start anew.

A blank canvas is an opportunity to create freely.

And, a blank canvas has endless possibilities.


“We all need an outlet, and I’ve found that art is a good one that fosters creativity and freedom for many. The products and paint and sip services offered here at Big Picture allow you to create new memories by doing something fun and different. Many who have visited our studio have described their experience as relaxing, fun, engaging, and fulfilling,” she explained.

Ellis Hepburn revealed that in the beginning, scheduled paint nights only took place a few nights per week. But now, Big Picture hosts nightly sessions and customizes events for guests. They have also added at-home paint kits to their product offerings, allowing customers to ‘take home the fun’ without having to leave the house.

“People have loved the concept since day one. It’s a rewarding feeling to know that our society has genuinely embraced a concept that we brought to the marketplace in 2016,” she shared.

Big Picture has not only expanded its offerings since opening in 2016 but recently expanded its studio space, which now has a new art deco/modern luxe look. She says she’s excited about the opportunity this change brings with it.

“People have always loved to celebrate special occasions at the studio, whether it’s a birthday, company events, date night, girl’s night or a wedding proposal. So now that we have this extra curated space, I believe even more people will decide to celebrate more of their milestones with us in this intimate setting,” she added.

The customer experience is of the utmost importance for Gennyne and her staff. Satisfied customers that continue to come back and enjoy the Big Picture experience is what motivates us daily.

“I love creating and being innovative. With Big Picture, I get to control that process daily, bringing more products and experiences to the table that people can enjoy,” Ellis Hepburn revealed.

“We’re continually looking at ways to enhance their experience. The goal is for continued customer satisfaction. Every day we strive to make that happen.”

And part of providing that top-notch service at Big Picture is to make all parts of a customer’s experience seamless, even before they sit down in front of the easel to paint. The Big Picture experience begins with bookings and payments. Ellis Hepburn says at Big Picture; they pride themselves on having accessible payment options for guests. One way is through Kanoo, the country’s newest digital wallet.

“Most businesses, including Big Picture, are moving away from a cash-based environment, so of course, we have our online payments that happen now, but for us, Kanoo provides an extra vehicle to be able to receive those payments,” Gennyne explained.

She added how, “ It’s pretty convenient for all of our clients, so it takes away the hassle of people having to physically come out to the studio to make their payments and purchase.”

Ellis Hepburn calls it a win-win situation for her as a merchant, and for her customers, as a user.

“We feel our customers can benefit in many ways from using Kanoo. This partnership works out well for us, as we look to give back and pass extra rewards and incentives on to our customers. We’re happy that Kanoo will be the mechanism to make that happen.”

So, taking a quick break with loved ones to create memories at Big Picture Paint & Sip Studio just got easier with Kanoo.

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