Beyond Beauty

Meet the Merchant
Owner: Nicole Woodside & Vanessa Musgrove
Company: Nicole’s Hair & Beauty Supplies
Motto: “Accessorize from Head to Toe”

As a youngster, I learned from my parents that if you work hard early, your life will be easy, and if you work hard late, your life will be hard.

So, at just 15 years old, I aspired to be a business owner, like my parents.

Despite having very little formal education, I was amazed at their ability to own and operate successful operations.

Both came from very humble beginnings. My father, a descendant of Abaco, purchased the popular clothing store, Christine & Johnny’s, and ran it for nearly 30 years. And, my mother, a descendant of Lovely Bay, Acklins, opened a beauty supplies store Nicole’s.

And while my father was reluctant for me to join his business, my mother, on the other hand, embraced it.
I opened my East Street and Andros Avenue location at 19 years old. My sister, Vanessa, followed in our footsteps, opening her East Street location thirteen years ago.

If you were to pass by any of our stores, you would notice each location is unique, a style that’s reflective of our personalities.

I refer to my mother as “the root” of the business, having opened the first Nicole’s location on Baillou Hill Road more than 40 years ago. We are the fruits that have come to bear from that incredibly strong tree.

And, now, 27 years into it, I think it’s safe to say, the rest is history.

I have no regrets because every day, I get to do what I love with the people that I love.

I value and respect my employees’ opinions; I work alongside them, and I consider them to be family.

I’ve been lucky enough to create a business that incorporates some of my favorite pastimes: shopping, negotiating, serving people, and making them feel good.

From the little princess to the senior queen, we can supply you with beauty products at competitive prices. I would describe the average Nicole’s customer as being a trendsetting woman that’s always on the hunt for a good deal.

With consumers’ appetite for fashion and discount pricing at an all-time high, staying competitive has become a challenge for us. However, we remain committed to improving the shopping experience with us here at Nicole’s Hair and Beauty Supplies. And we firmly believe partnering with Kanoo will allow us to do that.

As a merchant, Kanoo’s innovative, cashless system provides me with additional savings that I can pass on to my customers, such as using gift cards, punch cards, and a points reward system. I’ve found their digital platform to be the most efficient and safest payment option I’ve seen in a long time.

Together Nicole’s Hair and Beauty Supplies and Kanoo will enhance the current shopper’s experience.

“Ready. Set. Pay” because “Life just got easier with Kanoo.”

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