Port Authority Hails Digital Payment Firm

A Bahamian digital payment solutions provider has launched its platform in Grand Bahama through the five-store Express Food Mart chain.

Kanoo, a Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) licensee, has launched a platform that can assist businesses and customers in cashless, card-less digital wallet transactions that limit physical contact. “The world is changing and we want to be on board,” said Shauna Taylor of Express Food Mart. “The Kanoo app is a digital cash card. It’s brand new, and we are the first in Grand Bahama to accept it.”

GBPA executives hailed Kanoo’s platform as an example of how Grand Bahama businesses are evolving to meet changing customer needs amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The noted that digital wallets reduce contact during purchases, and alleviate the need to carry cash.

“The ways in which Freeport’s businesses have quickly and responsibly adapted their operations to meet the needs of customers has been remarkable,” said Ian Rolle, GBPA president. “Conducting business in a way that inhibits the spread of viruses like COVID-19 is critical to the success of all businesses and is required for the safety of all residents, today and in the future.”

Highlighting the benefits of Kanoo’s app for businesses and customers, Mr. Rolle added: “Businesses across the island provide a critical service to residents, and we are pleased to see them adopt practices such as social distancing, disinfecting and curbside service that are keeping our residents safe and healthy. Kanoo provides another way to safeguard customers’ well-being.”

“Convenience has always been a hallmark of successful service organisations,” said Derek Newbold, the GBPA’s senior manager of business development. “COVID-19 has challenged us all, and we encourage businesses to continue to think progressively to provide safe and convenient customer experiences.”


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