MODERN SHOPPING: Digital payments via Kanoo now accepted at some AML food stores

Service to soon become available at Cost Right Nassau and Freeport

Residents on New Providence can now transact digitally via Kanoo’s digital platform at Solomon’s Super Centre, located on Old Trail Road; Solomon’s Yamacraw; and Solomon’s Lucaya on Grand Bahama, thanks to a partnership between AML Foods Limited and Kanoo.

According to AML’s vice president of marketing, Renea Bastian, Solomon’s is pleased to partner with Kanoo, as this payment option is “fast, simple and convenient.

“Our goal is to always provide satisfying, easy, and modern shopping experiences for all our customers, and having Kanoo as a payment option adds to these efforts and the level of quality service we already provide,” she said.

Once customers have downloaded the app, created an account with Kanoo, and added funds to their Cash Card, paying for items is quick and easy. At the point of checkout, customers scan the QR code, and in seconds they can leave the store with their purchased goods in hand.

Kanoo Chief Executive Officer Keith Davies noted how the company’s vision is to “make life easier for Bahamians” and said he believes providing Bahamians with this type of convenience in their everyday lives speaks to that vision.

“I look forward to shopping at all of AML’s stores in the not too distant future, and I believe forging partnerships like these [is] necessary for the country as it connects merchants with consumers,” he explained.

“That connection becomes critical in a crisis, as you can see in the case of Hurricane Dorian and now the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Kanoo provides digital cash solutions on your phone that keep you connected at all times. And that’s important.”

AML’s customers in Cost Right Nassau and Freeport will also benefit from this partnership, as the service will soon be added to these locations in the coming weeks..”

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