Digital Gift Cards: The Perfect Gift

Searching for a perfect gift can be considered a painful experience for some. From battling horrendous traffic, to sometimes, empty shelves for a gift you’re not sure about, can be draining. But no worries, Kanoo is your “one-stop-shop” for your gifting needs!

Our digital gift card platform benefits both consumers and merchants, making it the perfect gift for all.

Top 3 Consumer Benefits:

  1. It’s Convenient

You can purchase and send a digital gift card through the Kanoo app in just seconds. Choose the recipient and the company you want it from, and let the recipient pick what they want at their leisure. It’s the perfect option for any occasion!

  1. It’s Easy & Hassle-Free

Kanoo’s gifting process is simple, from purchase to redemption. Spend what you want, when you want. This option is suitable for the entire family and the perfect way to let your loved ones know that you’re thinking of them. And it’s not limited to a particular season. Digital gifting can be a year-round experience.

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your money won’t go to waste. Recipients are bound to love their gift because they chose it. Everyone in this scenario comes out a winner!

Top 3 Merchant Benefits:  

  1. Increases Sales & Brand Awareness

Offering consumers digital gift cards is an excellent source of revenue generation. When redeeming their gift cards, people tend to spend more than what the card is worth, which results in an uptick in sales. A digital card purchase is also a guaranteed sale, even if a recipient never redeems it. Digital gift cards can attract new customers into your business.

  1. Digital Gift Cards are Inexpensive

Digital gift cards save a merchant time and money they would’ve wasted by issuing paper gift certificates. This option is a good value proposition for all business types and sizes. It also helps a merchant to keep better track of transaction activity in out and of your business.

  1. Gain Customer Loyalty

In addition to being a cost-effective and efficient way to boost sales, digital gift cards increase customer loyalty.

So whether you’re a consumer or merchant, let Kanoo’s digital gifting platform make life easier for you.

Give the perfect gift today!

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