Ready. Set. Pay.

Life just got easier with Kanoo.

What Is Kanoo?

Kanoo is the leading digital payments
platform and wallet of The Bahamas.

Instantly Transfer Funds

Whether you’re paying your Asue, splitting the dinner bill or chipping in for a birthday or Christmas gift, sending and receiving money has never been more convenient.

Scan and Pay

It’s just that simple. Pay using your smartphone! It’s easier, faster and safer than using your debit or credit card. No need to share your personal information or spend unnecessary time at the checkout counter. Just pay and go!

Low Transaction Fees

Kanoo is taking your money out of the banks and into your hands by offering lower transaction fees. No more hidden ridiculous costs. It’s your money, and you should keep it!

Spend & Save

Imagine having the ability to spend and save money, all at once! With Kanoo, users receive exclusive deals from their favorite stores! Have unlimited access to these discounts all in one place – your smartphone. No more scattered savings or clipping coupons. It’s time to make the most out of your money!

Kanoo is more than just a cash app…


Connect with family, friends, colleagues, and businesses on Kanoo’s app.

Digital Wallet

Transact seamlessly in and out of businesses using your smartphone.

Transaction History

Kanoo is giving you full and instant access to your daily transactions, so what you spend is no longer a mystery.

Food Order Express

If you’re hungry, why wait? Place your order on the app. No more long lines… because in minutes, your food can be picked up or delivered to you.

Top Up

Out of minutes or data? Top up using our digital wallet. Stay connected with Kanoo.

In-Store Load

Add funds to your Kanoo account from any of our authorized agents within our network.

Pay Bills

Pay monthly bills from your smartphone. No more standing in long lines because Kanoo is giving you the freedom to do more with your time.

Kanoo Points

Be rewarded for your daily transactions. Turn Kanoo points into dollars. It only makes sense for us to reward our loyal customers.

Make life easier with Kanoo.